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Diamond Stone
Por Diamond Stone,

Publicado em 27 de f de 2021

O Mais You have a new and even more beautiful studio
Learn about the industrialized surfaces used in the design of the new studio

After many years in Rio de Janeiro and a period presented directly from Ana Maria’s house in 2020, Mais Você finally got a new studio in São Paulo.
The project was carefully developed so that Ana could continue bringing top-notch content to your loyal audience in comfort and style.

And a large part of the success and beauty of the new studio is thanks to a product that makes all the difference in any renovation: the ultra-compact surfaces.
They are used to cover countertops, floors, walls and give the necessary finish , adding design, technology, style and functionality to transform any environment.

At Mais Você, the surfaces of the Ultracompact line of the Diamond brand were used, which has been operating for over 10 years offering solutions in the segment of industrialized surfaces for architecture.
The products in the Ultracompact line are original, with design differentiated and has more than 50 items, allowing infinite applications.

A curious fact is that this product has a heat resistance of up to 700ºC, does not scratch or stain. In other words, it’s a perfect surface for the program that teaches the most delicious recipes on Brazilian television, isn’t it? In addition, the ultracompact surfaces can be applied both indoors and outdoors, are anti-graffiti and even resist thermal shocks.
It’s a lot of technology, see?

The worktops in the program were made with Pietra Gray Soft Touch product, with a matte finish and easy to clean. In other words, they give that touch of style and are still practical for Mais Você’s daily life. But it doesn’t stop there! The studio walls also received special care with the Bianco Statuário Soft Touch surface, which has striking veins and a timeless style. We don’t even have to say, just watch Mais Você every day to see how beautiful the studio is.

If you want design, technology and functionality for your work, whatever it is, count on Diamond. The brand is present throughout Brazil and has its own galleries at Casa Shopping, located in Rio de Janeiro, and also at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, in São Paulo.  

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