Diamond Stone Premium

Meet and be part of our select group of customers and get exclusive advantages.

Diamond Stone Premium is a relationship program with marblers where the priority is to retain Diamond Stone, guaranteeing exclusive advantages that we offer to our clients and partners, always aiming at joint growth.

Advantages of being a member

Discover the main advantages offered to Premium members.

Exclusive Discounts

Annual campaigns with differentiated discounts for Premium customers.

Exclusive promotions

Early promotions of all Diamond Stone products.

Diamond Indication

Preferential indication for large works and projects, which customers see up to Diamond Stone and request partnerships for their execution, as well as decoration fairs such as Casa Cor in all states.

Indication on the web

Indication on our website and dissemination of works in our digital media, expanding the marble factory's network of contacts.

Personalized attention

Priority in loading and booking materials in our warehouses.

Participation in events

Diamond Stone Premium members can participate in all events hosted by Diamond Stone.

Diamond Panel

Customized panels with 30x30 samples, customized for each customer, offering a more attractive showroom for the final consumer.

Diamond Plus

Registering architects in the Diamond Plus relationship program, which rewards specifiers, offering even more advantages in using Diamond Stone products, thus increasing the marble sales ticket.


See what it takes to join the Diamond Stone Premium relationship program.

Working with our product lines

Working with all Diamond Stone product lines, offering customers our range of products.

Training training for the team

Receive training training for the team regarding Diamond Stone products.

Offer after-sales service

Offer after-sales service, which validates the warranty of our products.

Meet some of our members

Meet some companies that believe in our products and are part of Diamond Stone Premium.

Contact us

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