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BBB 21 – Italian design, high performance and resistance, make up floors, countertops and walls of the house

Diamond Stone
Por Diamond Stone,

Publicado em 17 de f de 2021

If we could bet on what most generates curiosity among BBB fans, after the disclosure of the Brothers, of course, we would bet: the BBB house. Even becausethis big show doesn’t happen without a big stage, right, guys?! Because Diamond Stone once again came back with everything in this partnership with the program, it brought products from the Ultracompact Essence line, resistant to up to 700º C of heat, scratches, stains, in addition to being antibacterial and having a 25-year warranty.

Big Brother Brasil 21 – Home Photos
Big Brother Brasil 21 – Home Photos

The Marmorino Oro Soft Touch, brings a nostalgic atmosphere to Xepa’s kitchen, recalling classic marbles with smooth veins, ensuring there are no scratches and stains in the space.

Think of that Italian design, the large formats and thicknesses for different purposes. This is the Ultracompact line, which has high performance and has no restrictions on use, and can be applied on floors, facades, kitchen and bathroom countertops, barbecue coverings and much more!
Big Brother Brasil 21 – House Photos
And the bathrooms, which look like dressing rooms? With countertops in Onice Avório Lucidato, inspired by Onix Natural, the product brings a unique shine to the space. Too beautiful!
Big Brother Brasil 21 – House Photos
If in real life leaders reign in real palaces, at BBB they reign in the bedroom and bathroom. In both environments a composite of Emperador Extra and Breccia Beige Soft Touch was used, creating a real board!
Big Brother Brasil 21 – House Photos
As the line can be applied in different places, the Scenography and Art team continued with Breccia Beige on the countertops and walls of the bedroom and bathroom, thus ensuring uniformity with the same textures.

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